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Diablo Immortal APK Data - The Most Anticipated Mobile Game of the Year

Diablo Immortal: A New Chapter in the Legendary Saga

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game from Blizzard Entertainment that brings the iconic action role-playing game , explore the world of Sanctuary, fight against ancient evils, and join forces with other heroes. Here are some of the main aspects of the game that you should know.

Choose Your Class

One of the first things you need to do in Diablo Immortal is to choose your class. There are six character classes available in the game, each with its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. You can create up to four characters per account, so you can try different classes and see which one suits your playstyle best. Here is a brief overview of the six classes:

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  • Barbarian: A fierce warrior who relies on brute strength and melee weapons to crush enemies. The Barbarian can use two weapons at once, unleash powerful shouts, and leap into battle with ease.

  • Crusader: A holy knight who combines faith and steel to protect allies and smite foes. The Crusader can wield a shield and a weapon, use divine magic, and summon a horse for mobility.

  • Demon Hunter: A vengeful hunter who specializes in ranged combat and traps. The Demon Hunter can dual-wield crossbows, launch explosive projectiles, and evade attacks with agility.

  • Monk: A martial artist who masters the balance of body and spirit. The Monk can use fists and staffs, channel chi energy, and perform swift combos and dashes.

  • Necromancer: A dark sorcerer who manipulates life and death. The Necromancer can summon undead minions, cast curses, and use blood magic.

  • Wizard: A arcane prodigy who harnesses the power of the elements. The Wizard can cast fire, frost, and lightning spells, create illusions, and teleport across distances.

Each class has 12 skills that can be unlocked and upgraded as you level up. You can equip up to four skills at a time on your skill bar, which you can activate by tapping on the corresponding buttons on the screen. You can also modify your skills with skill runes, which are special items that add extra effects or change the behavior of your skills. For example, you can make your fireball split into multiple projectiles, or make your shield bash stun enemies. You can find skill runes as loot or buy them from vendors.

Explore the World of Sanctuary

Diablo Immortal is set in the world of Sanctuary, a dark and dangerous place where angels and demons wage an eternal war. You will be able to explore six distinctive zones in the game, each with its own challenges, quests, loot, and secrets. Here is a brief overview of the six zones:

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  • Wortham: A peaceful village that is under attack by cultists and undead. You will have to help the villagers defend their home and uncover the mystery behind the invasion.

  • Ashwold Cemetery: A haunted graveyard that is filled with restless spirits and twisted creatures. You will have to brave the horrors of the cemetery and face the evil that lurks beneath.

  • Dark Wood: A gloomy forest that is home to savage beasts and corrupted druids. You will have to survive the dangers of the forest and stop the druids from unleashing a terrible curse.

  • Shassar Sea: A vast desert that was once a sea before it dried up. You will have to traverse the sand dunes and ruins of an ancient civilization and discover the secrets of the Shassar Sea.

  • Bilefen: A swampy region that is infested by demons and mutated creatures. You will have to fight your way through the swamp and confront the demonic forces that are behind the corruption.

  • Library of Zoltun Kulle: A hidden library that contains the knowledge and secrets of a powerful mage. You will have to explore the library and find out what Zoltun Kulle was planning before he was killed.

Each zone has its own main story quests that advance the plot of the game. You can also find side quests that offer more details about the lore and characters of the game. In addition, each zone has its own events that are triggered randomly or by player actions. Events are mini-missions that require you to complete a certain objective within a time limit or with other players. For example, you may have to defend a caravan from bandits, rescue prisoners from a dungeon, or defeat a boss monster. Events reward you with XP, gold, items, and other bonuses.

Fight Against Ancient Evils

The main story of Diablo Immortal takes place between Diablo II and Diablo III and follows the aftermath of the destruction of the Worldstone, a powerful artifact that was shattered by the archangel Tyrael to prevent the forces of Hell from invading Sanctuary. However, this act also unleashed a wave of chaos and corruption that affected the world and its inhabitants. You will have to stop Skarn, Herald of Terror, from resurrecting Diablo and his minions and unleashing a new reign of terror on Sanctuary.

Along the way, you will also encounter familiar foes from the previous Diablo games, such as the Skeleton King, the Countess, Fahir, and Baal. Each of these enemies has their own backstory, motives, and abilities that will challenge you in different ways. You will also face new enemies that are unique to Diablo Immortal, such as the Crazed Hermit, the Sand Maggot Queen, and the Soulless Watcher. Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses that you will have to learn and exploit.

To fight against these enemies, you will need to use your skills, gear, and strategy wisely. You will also need to pay attention to your surroundings and use them to your advantage. For example, you can use environmental objects such as barrels, crates, or traps to damage or stun your enemies. You can also use elevation, cover, or stealth to gain an edge over your foes. You can also interact with NPCs or other players to get help or information.

Join Forces with Other Heroes

Diablo Immortal is not only a solo game, but also a multiplayer game that allows you to team up with other players from around the world. You can join or create a party of up to four players and take on dungeons, rifts, events, and PvP modes together. You can also join a clan or a warband for more social interaction and benefits.

A dungeon is a linear or branching area that contains enemies, loot, and a boss at the end. Dungeons are designed for cooperative play and offer more challenge and reward than normal zones. You can access dungeons from waypoints or entrances in different zones. You can also use dungeon keys to unlock special dungeons that have higher difficulty and better loot.

A rift is a randomly generated dungeon that contains enemies, loot, and an objective. Rifts are designed for replayability and variety and offer more XP and gear than normal zones. You can access rifts from rift obelisks in different zones. There are two types of rifts: Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts. Elder Rifts scale to your level and can be repeated infinitely. Challenge Rifts have fixed difficulty levels and offer first-time completion bonuses.

An event is a mini-mission that requires you to complete a certain objective within a time limit or with other players. Events are triggered randomly or by player actions in different zones. Events reward you with XP, gold, items, and other bonuses. Some examples of events are defending a caravan from bandits, rescuing prisoners from a dungeon, or defeating a boss monster.

A PvP mode is a competitive mode that pits you against other players in different scenarios. PvP modes reward you with Battle Pass points, PvP Coins, items, and other bonuses. Some examples of PvP modes are Brawl (a free-for-all deathmatch), Free-for-All (a team-based deathmatch), Capture the Flag (a mode where you have to capture and defend flags), and Shadow Wars (a faction-based mode where you have to control zones and resources).

A clan is a group of players who share a common name, chat channel, banner, stash, and perks. You can join or create a clan with up to 50 members and enjoy various benefits such as clan quests, clan wars, clan raids, clan buffs, clan rewards, and more.

A warband is a smaller group of players who share a chat channel and perks. You can join or create a warband with up to 10 memb


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